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OUTlife is a community for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. It is not another dating app, but a community with focus on friendships, content, sharing experiences and personal stories. If you want to meet new people and grow your LGBTQ network then OUTlife is for you.

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iPhone, Android

With Memo (Anonymous Interoffice Messenger), you have the power to to make your company better by giving your fellow employees a voice. It takes courage to start a revolution.

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Bubble Browser for iPad

Evernote tags, notebooks and dates are represented by colorful and differently sized bubbles, which expose most important pieces of information in evey given context. By presenting your data in an aesthetic, more natural and approachable way, bubble browser for iPad addresses the challenge of dealing with constantly increasing amounts of information. Swipe across screen to navigate through groups of floating bubbles tap on them to discover notes and related information.

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Bubble Browser 2

Bubble Browser is an application for visual exploration of your Evernote data. It lets you experience your notebooks, tags and notes broken down by dates with a unique, fresh (and fun) perspective. In Bubble Browser, your information is aggregated and presented in bubbles, which differ in size according to the amount of data stored under a particular tag, notebook, or date.

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Birdseye Mail

Birdseye is the first email client built from the ground up for tablets. Birdseye is a finger friendly, visual overview of your inbox with intuitive actions for each email to cut through the overload.

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iPhone & iPad

No serious productivity tool can be limited to a website, so we bring you Nozbe while you’re on the go. Simply get it done with Nozbe for iPhone and iPad!

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Circuloid is a classic arkanoid/breakout brick-breaker game for iPad with a few twists. Become the former white-collar agent, John Circuloid, accept your first undercover mission and get the ball rolling – literally. The goal is to break all the bricks on a given level with a ball you bounce off your paddles.

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Bring your tasks to a focus with this simple but powerful Mac app. Focusbar helps you to focus on one thing at a time. All you have to do is press "start activity", type your task and press enter. Focusbar will show up on your screen from time to time, reminding you that it’s time to work on what you’ve planned.

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Code Pilot

Code Pilot is a plugin for Apple’s Xcode IDE. Code Pilot enhances Xcode with swift project navigation. It saves you time (and money!) while you browse files, classes and other symbols with just a few keystrokes. If you want to stay focused while working on a project, Code Pilot is the way to go!

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